Google Ads Digital Marketing Training

11 March 2019

Google is the most used search engine in the world. Simply enter your search for the information you need, and click on the Google search button and you’ll get the relevant results.

Google Ads is Google's advertising program. In this online program, you can specify ad texts and advertise aiming for the words Google users are searching for. This means that you can reach those who actively seek information about your product. That's why Google Ads can be more efficient than advertising in newspapers, magazines or on TV. The Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce and Corepany Project Agency organized a training on Digital Marketing on 28th and 29th of January 2019. The trainer, Özgür Deniz Aydın is a well known expert in the field of digital marketing. He provided basic Google Ads skills to those who work in the advertising and marketing sector as a business owner or employees of a marketing business unit, those who want to become active in that sector, managers who want to manage their marketing budgets, in short, anyone who want to learn about Google Ads. During this interactive training, the attendees learned in detail about Google Ad Words ads, creating an account and editing, determining the keywords, targeting, invoicing and Google Analytics.

A few comments from the participants:

“I participated in the training by Özgür Deniz Aydın. I already had a basic knowledge of Google Ads but wanted to gain more skills. I’m very satisfied with the training and really want to use what I’ve learned”. Alper C.

“During the course of two days, I’ve learned how to select the keywords used in Google Ads and received important tips for correctly determining the target region, demographic determination of the target audience, the billing system, costs per click, ad settings, how to track the panel etc. Özgür Deniz Aydın taught me a lot about Google Ads, using fluent language and giving clear answers to the questions of the participants”. Berna K.

“I own a real estate company. Thanks to the Google Ads training, I learned the detais of using ads in Google and YouTube. I've become more aware of how to use Google. I would like to thank everyone who organized this training”. Sevgi Irmak S.

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