New Trends in Digital Marketing

12 November 2018

Managing Big and Complex Data

Digital marketing consists of content editing, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, marketing automations and search engine optimization (SEO). Companies know that sales and marketing will accelerate with digital marketing. When digital marketing is directed correctly, it is easy to find new customers. However it is also essential to keep the customers happy. Therefore, applications that use bots with artificial intelligence are actively utilized to manage customers and connect them with corporate branding culture.

The Effective Role of Consumers

Consumers can now decide how to interact with brands in online environments. Corporate brands have to be online in order to reach the consumers in their target audience. Digital marketing, sales and services are changing rapidly, making it harder to keep track of the latest trends and new tools. The most critical point here is that all corporate brands shou’d dedicate time and resources for these issues. In the coming years, digital marketing will not be something that companies can easily ignore.

Instant Messaging Applications

Instant messaging on social media has an incredible impact on digital marketing. Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion users, and the users are sending billions of messages to each other. Digital marketing campaigns with Facebook Messenger can reach the target audience of companies, and the conversion rates are very high. Instant messaging should be considered in the digital marketing plans of any company.

Artificial Intelligence

Artifical intelligence is effectively used in digital marketing and will continue to be used. Automation in e-mail campaigns and smart bidding with artificial intelligence in Google ads, are great examples for AI in digital marketing. Another great example is the emergence of new products that grab the consumers’ interests by analyzing the users’ online habits and interactions. When companies combine artificial intelligence solutions with digital marketing, it appears to achieve the highest conversion rates. Those who adopt artificial intelligence technologies much earlier are already reducing costs, increasing growth and bringing their companies to higher and better positions.

Consult a Specialist

You can work with a digital marketing specialist to increase your sales and corporate brand awareness. Contact us to discuss your digital marketing needs in detail. We can guide you through the right steps to help your company achieve the best results.

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