Cyber Security

Prestige is everything

Anti-SEO is generally referred to social media scams, prank comments, fake accounts, false news and lynch campaigns, spreading confidential information on the Internet, and hate speech of ex-staff or ex-lovers. These methods are used by expert anti-seo hackers, also known as black-hat SEO techniques, and also by amateurs who are trying to learn hacker techniques.

In particular, search results on Google might cause serious harm to people.

Thanks to our proven methods, we conduct the most advanced security tests against security attacks. We provide consulting services to many clients around the world on information technology. You can contact us immediately to receive information and advice on online security from our expert team in the field. At Corepany we provide consulting services with a software team and a lawyer specializing in digital crime.

Some facts about cyber ​​security:
  • According to a study conducted by the Phonemon Institute, corporations experienced a great loss of income, workforce and other expenses that add up to $500.000, due to digital attacks that took place last year.
  • Hackers attacked the servers of Sony Pictures Entertainment in retaliation after Sony Pictures released a funny, viral video about North Korean leader Kim Jongun.
  • According to Google's 2017 statistics, 52 million searches are made every 60 minutes.
  • According to Twitter 2017 statistics, 6 million tweets a day are being sent.
  • According to McAfee Labs' Cyber Safety Report for 2017 and Beyond, trust in the digital world will continue to decline sharply due to counterfeit advertisements and purchased "likes".
  • According to McAfee Labs' Cyber Safety Report for 2017 and Beyond, the advertising battles between advertisers will be aggravated, new techniques will be developed, and cybercriminals who copy these techniques will strengthen malware distribution capabilities.
  • According to McAfee Labs' Cyber Safety Report for 2017 and Beyond, those involved in political or social hacking activities will be able to change the fate of countries, or even wage war, by unlocking privacy-related issues.
  • 85% of people search the internet for local brands. 16% do it every week.
  • In e-commerce exchanges, 92% of users read previous evaluations and 89% are directly affected by evaluations during the purchase decision.
  • 25% of the top 20 search engine results are linked to content created by users.
  • When there is an application for public service, a detailed investigation is carried out on the applicant.
  • Online presence of a military personnel directly affects their rank.
  • Online activities directly affect politicians' electoral campaigns and achievements.
  • 92% of companies in the US select and recruit candidates online, but 34% of applicants do not get the job because of online reputation problems.
  • Facebook is a preferred human resource tool for 82% of private schools.

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