Interim Specialist Service

We'll find the right person for you

At Corepany, we notice that employers have a difficult time finding the right people. In response to this problem, we have recruited, assessed and selected candidates with high IT / technology and language skills and brought them together in our Corepany Academy. And we constantly keep searching for the best candidates.

Our Interim Specialists and Managers are experts in their fields, and are professional, goal-oriented, punctual, result-oriented, skilled at planning and organizing and have high communication skills.

Corepany Interim Specialist Service

The Interim Specialist service is developed by Corepany especially in the area of the IT sector and covers many other functions and disciplines. Generally we are placing project managers, software specialists, digital marketing specialists, designers and managers in companies as temporary specialists. During a project, we assign these experts to support our customers at the workplace to ensure that they reach their goals in the fastest and most qualified way. The evaluation of the performance of our Interim Specialists is done by Corepany project managers, who ask for feedback from the client on the quality of work delivered by our Interim Specialists.

We advise Interim Managers when a company wants to achieve extensive and complex intra-company changes or has to take unpopular organisational measures. Our interim managers have an objective viewpoint and, as they are experts in their field, they can realise the objectives of the organizational change in a short time.

Why Should You Choose an Interim Specialist?

The reasons for companies to choose interim specialists can be summarized as follows:

1. The absence of long-term costs: An interim specialist is a temporary solution and does not require a salary that affects the annual corporate budget. It also does not require cost and time spent for their learning and development.

2. A short recruitment process: The specialist is selected by the placement company specifically for their client’s project, so companies are not any of their precious time on finding the right candidate. Plus, the selected specialist can start immediately on the job at hand.

3. Immediate impact: Interim specialists know that they should be effective immediately because they know they will only stay in the company for a certain period of time.

4. New perspectives: There is sometimes a need for an outsider’s view to change the way the company works (in a positive sense).

5. Special skills and experience: An interim specialist usually has a special skill set and is been placed to perform at a high level in specific projects.

6. Flexibility: Perhaps the greatest advantage of the interim specialist is that they are flexible. They are a solution to the needs of the company at that moment. And they don’t need to be hired full-time; they are placed according to the time period the job needs.

If you only need a specialist for 6-12 months or even for a shorter period, if you don't want to spend unnecessary time and money on recruitment procedures, if you need to find the right professional and save a lot of time, investment, administration time, contact us to find your Interim Specialist.

If you are an expert in your field, a professional, an experienced and solution-oriented person and have high communication skills, you can contact us to become one of our interim specialists in the Corepany Academy.

Our Clients

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