Digital Marketing

Correct timing, correct channels, correct target audience.

We develop strategies that will enable each of our clients or projects to achieve the best results in custom digital marketing operations, and we continuosly work to optimize our methods to improve the return on their investment.

The following are the areas where we apply the marketing strategies we've developed:

Performance Marketing (sales and opportunity creation)

  • Search engine marketing
  • Re-targeting
  • Planned purchasing

Brand Marketing (Awareness)

  • Youtube (paid or free access) campaigns
  • Visual ad models
  • Social media ads

Affiliate Marketing

Native Advertising

Marketing Automation

E-mail Marketing

Online PR

Inbound Marketing

Data analysis

Tracking: Keeping up with your platform begins with the collection of behavioral data, and continues with the process of combining and displaying all your advertising networks, and your company's own CRM or tracking channels.

Reporting / Analysis: You can get familiar with your customers and see what's happening on your platform with the help of our reports on visitor interaction, the return of your investment and sales activity.

Work - Action - Story - Movement - Development: We take action based on our tracking and reports. We examine scenarios such as "when and how were your platforms abandoned, how can we take precautions, which precautions can we take, how to convert visitors to paying customers, how can you win lost customers back" and take appropriate action.

Check out our process and strengths to learn how working with us would greatly benefit your business.

Our Clients

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