Brand is Not Just a Logo!

26 November 2018

We sometimes get this request from our clients: "I have a great business idea, and can you design a logo for me?". We explain to them that a creative entrepreneur needs a brand, not just a logo.


1. A logo alone cannot create a brand

Your logo is a word or a symbol that represents your brand and it’s a trigger that evokes the effect you are aiming at on your target group. But to create a strong brand, you need more than a logo. Everything your target group experiences about your brand is important in their image formation. The style of writing on your website, the colors in your office or your interactions on social media all have to form a unity, support each other and form the brand. Even your behavior contributes to forming a brand. If what appears and experienced is consistent, you can create a successful brand. A logo cannot do this alone.

2. It’s important to be different

An important feature of being a brand is that it is distinctive. Every firm wants to be different from its competitors. That's why your target group should be told why they should choose you and not your competitors. Just using the logo to make a difference is a very difficult task. It’s better to create a unique vision of your own and enhance this with graphic design, photos and the words you choose. This applies to all services and products you offer. Everything must be coherent and consistent.

3. Be consistent and compatible

I'm probably repeating something you already know, but consistency and compatibility are very important in building a brand. Consistent brands attract new customers and keep loyal customers. If your website is in soft pastel colors, but your Instagram page looks solid and hard, your followers will not accept that these two separate communication channels belong to the same brand. The purpose of all (visual) communication is that your followers and customers instantly see that the messages they are receiving are coming from you.

Be sure that every statement you send out is consistent and compatible with your brand. If not, change it. Don't ever make a compromise. Consistent brands have proven to be more successful.

4. Recognition consists of the sum of parts

Every part and element of your brand must complement and support each other. Everything should appear, be heard and felt as belonging to a unity and a single brand. Then people will recognize your brand. And why is it so important to be recognized as a brand? Because people will trust a blog post, a photo or a logo design when they recognize your brand and therefore they will want to work with you or buy products from you.

Now answer this question:

How good is your brand in terms of difference, recognition and consistency?

Would you like to learn more about how your brand can work better for you? Answer the questions below and test how consistent your brand is.

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