Importance of UI and UX Design

19 November 2018

People rely more and more on technology for communication, productivity and entertainment. For a successful digital application, it’s not just necessary but expected to have a design that creates a rich and rewarding experience for your customers. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are all about your customers’ experience and interaction with digital applications. Quality websites include visual design choices that make it easy for a user to get what they need.

What’s the difference between UI and UX?

Even though these two terms are almost always used together, there are several differences between UI and UX design.

User Interface refers to everything you see on a website or digital application. It’s all the buttons, icons, colors and other visual elements. A UI designer decides where each visual element goes, which colors to pick, what the best layout is. Even with a simple website, you have to decide where to place the buttons, if the text should come first or the icons etc.

User experience is all about the overall experience of a user while he/she interacts with the interface of a digital application. A user experience designer focuses on how to make the navigation easy to understand and use. A great UX design guides the users seamlessly through your digital application to discover your company’s services, influences their thoughts and emotional responses while they navigate, and tries a leave a pleasant final impression in their minds.

UI/UX makes or breaks the customer experience

As you see, both UI and UX design are very important in order to create quality and satisfactory interactions between your customers and your products or services. If the users can’t find what they are looking for, they are getting lost because of redundant visual elements, or the number of steps they need to take in order to reach information is too many, it’s very likely that they will look somewhere else for their needs. A bad user experience also reflects on your brand.

In todays’ fast-paced society, users’ attention level is very short. When they are bored, or they get overwhelmed due to a confusing design, they just move on to the next option. Even if they are just browsing, the UI/UX design should show the most important and relevant information to the visitors in that short amount of time to get the message across. Therefore, it’s essential that you grab their attention with appealing visual elements and then build a pleasant experience as they navigate.

How can you improve your customers’ overall experience?

Just offering a service or a product is not enough to turn visitors into customers. Your user experience goal should be what you want the visitor to do while navigating through your website or application. Before you start designing the user interface, you must define your goals, how you expect the visitor interaction should be. A pleasant user experience is not limited to fast-loading pages or the quickest path to call-to-action buttons. In addition, there is much more to consider besides button styles or colors.

Our expert team at Corepany can help you create a great experience for your target audience. Our effective and clean UI/UX designs have been very successful for our clients.

Contact us to get our professional opinion if your current website/digital application needs any improvement for a better UI/UX design.

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