Corporate Identity and Social Media

22 October 2018

Social Media Concept

As the technologies we use change rapidly, social media has a very important role in our lives. We can call it the information and content platform, which consists of elements that simplify our lives and make it easier for everyone to reach information.

Digital Communication Age

Advancements in Internet speed have led to the emergence of new communication devices in addition to mobile devices and new communication platforms, and brought a new dimension to communication. In a rapidly spreading information environment, people can create their desired content, quickly send their messages online and share their messages with the whole world in a very short period of time.

Two-way Communication

Online social environments allow two-way communication. The online platforms of corporates can easily be used for public relations. The corporate brand interacts with the target audience and contributes to the corporate image. Online environment in terms of public relations is the most important aspect of the corporate image. Today, corporate’s online reputation has a direct effect on its branding.

Commitment Policy

The customer representatives should be able to engage with people who comment on their social media platforms and they should have tolerance. Corporate public relations and online policies for brands are the basis of how their brand image is formed.

Adherence to Social Media for Brand Image

The best way to create loyalty is to respond positively to all feedbacks whether they are positive or negative. Then each comment should be directed to the relevant department and the issue should be followed. Through loyalty policy, institutions can follow both positive comments and improve their online reputation by correcting the negative comments.

Report and Measurement

It is very important that corporates acquire a system to measure their online reputation. Since it is very important to create an online corporate brand reputation and analyze the data, it should position the company's online reputation on social media, measure what stage it is at, interpret the results on a regular basis, and take action based on the data.

Consult a Specialist

You can work with an IT crime attorney to remove content containing smear campaign or similar crimes, and you can file a compensation claim for those who damage your online reputation. At Corepany, our lawyer who specializes in IT crimes provides consultancy on this issue. Please contact us if you would like to request concultation or support from us.

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