Lead Generation

21 January 2019

The concept of Lead Generation has emerged with the expansion of the internet and the dominance of smart phones. Changing the needs causes the marketing and sales methods to change, and the marketing and sales world is developing new instruments in line with these needs.

The rapid change in purchasing processes brings about new methods. Among these new methods is the discovery by the customer rather than discovering the customer. Another method is establishing a more personal and organic communication.

In this new method, which can be summarized as “self-sufficient buyer“, the process is executed by the customer reaching the product according to his / her tendencies and tastes.

We are buyers and sellers in an information economy. Herbert A. Simon, an economist and psychologist, was one of the first to precisely describe the relationship between information and attention: “….information consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” Attention is the psychological tool we use to tune out irrelevant information so we can focus on what is important to us. As the information available to us expands exponentially, our attention is increasingly strained and challenged. As a result, online users have begun to create their own personal filters against the information and advertising bombardment. For example ad blocking applications such as adblock.

In its simple definition, Lead Generation means “creating potential new customers”. This is a form of work that creates big savings for both time and money. It is much easier and less costly to sell to a buyer whose attention is already caught by targeted promotions than wasting resources for an uninterested customer who is not in the target audience. Knowing your brand and your target audience including their age, location and areas of interest would enable you to reach exactly what you want out of your promotions. This will provide higher conversion rates.

Some of the issues to be considered in Lead Generation are:

Simple is beautiful: This concept, which is also a design motto, is a viable one in every aspect of life. Complex designs, complex information, circling around the subject and giving the users unnecessary information will reduce your rate of understanding.

The power of the picture: In the studies of descriptive product videos, it was noticed that videos provided 33 percent more return than other methods.

Fewer choices: If you want to get a lead, create the buyer's options according to your needs. It is quite unlikely to create lead from the shopper who is in a state of uncertainty among several options.

Turning into social media: You can quickly find out what people are interested in by using simple researches on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. You can set up your campaigns based on these interests.

Ad fictions: Determining your target audience in the campaings you make in Adwords and other social media channels is not enough. There are other important points to be considered such as sentence structure and design language suitable for the target audience and the product you are marketing.

As a result, when the Lead Generation is integrated in a holistic way, it will save considerably from both time and advertising costs. Even only time savings will give you flexibility in your efforts to find new potential customers, and your returns will increase in parallel.

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